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Institution names in the database are exactly as they appear in the IPEDS database. As a result, many widely used short forms (e.g., UCLA, UVA) will not work as search text.

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Academy College Bloomington, MN Private for-profit
California Aeronautical University Bakersfield, CA Private for-profit
Franklin W Olin College of Engineering Needham, MA Private not-for-profit
Neumont College of Computer Science Salt Lake City, UT Private for-profit
Northwestern Polytechnic University Fremont, CA Private not-for-profit
Orion Technical College Davenport, IA Private for-profit
Rensselaer at Work Hartford, CT Private not-for-profit
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Terre Haute, IN Private not-for-profit
SANS Technology Institute North Bethesda, MD Private for-profit
Southern California Institute of Technology Anaheim, CA Private for-profit
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago Chicago, IL Private not-for-profit
Webb Institute Glen Cove, NY Private not-for-profit
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